Commercial Painting

Cefa Alderbridge

Commercial painting is Avid Painting’s area of expertise. We offer both indoor and exterior commercial painting services for a wide array of applications. Whether it be offices, buildings, warehouses or newly built constructions, we are experts across all building types. We understand the demands of tight schedules, so we collaborate with our general contractors to ensure that we can meet these deadlines without compromising quality. Avid’s paint division offers high quality interior / exterior commercial and industrial painting and finishing services which also includes white board painting, stain grade interior / exterior wood surfaces, epoxy floor coatings and deck staining.

Our client experience

STEP ONE – professional Colour consultation

The most influential factor in the look and feel of your commercial building is the colour. With such a wide array of colours, finishes, and textures available, it can be a daunting task to choose the right combination. Our team of professional painters can guide you in your selection of the perfect colours for your building to ensure an aesthetic, professional appearance.

Step two – Protection

Our team of painting professionals knows the importance of protecting the furnishings, cabinetry and surrounding buildings while the colour of your building is being updated All surfaces are covered with drop cloths and commercial grade plastics for protection.

Step tHREE – surface preparation

Before painting, our wall and ceiling experts make all of the needed repairs to the surfaces to be painted both interior and exterior. Sanding, filling and priming of all areas is completed before paint, leaving a perfect surface to apply your new colours,


After all repairs are complete, our professional painters apply the durable high-quality paint.

Step Five – Walk through inspection

Upon completion of your project, our team does a final walkthrough to ensure our work is up to our highest standards. We take the time to go through the entire building with you to be sure you are satisfied with our work.